Nothing to Something

Have you ever seen a friend's or relative's child for the first time in years? Then you know how to prepare yourself for a huge change in a seemingly short period of time. Consequently, this was the case when our youngest nephew Beau who came to help us build. Similarly, the house has gone from nonexistent to looking like a house in just a few months. Get ready… Here it is!

Floor Finishing

Now, the steps involved:

After the concrete floor was finished, first floor walls took shape…

The support beams, at the top of below picture, are each hundreds of pounds. Yet, they needed to be hoisted up to support the second story. Thank you Beau for helping Uncle Matt with this project!!

then the first story walls were nailed on.

We then installed the floor of the second story. This is where Matt and I are going to live, and I'm really looking forward to seeing it take shape.

Here's Beau, helping his uncle. It was great to have is youthful strength and energy contributed to this project, and his interest in construction is encouraging to see. Maybe it runs in the family…

Beau & Matt


Posted on December 16, 2015 at 4:55 pm
Karen Eckerson | Category: Custom Home Project

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