Second Story

I should start by saying that for my husband utilizing space well is a must in any home design, and this project is no exception! That's why we spent so much time drawing plans and blueprints which incorporate ample storage and an intuitive floorplan. Of course this is best illustrated by the master suite's walk-in closet, which will truly be a feature in itself. Also, very necessary with a husband with a wardrobe the size of Matt's.

The floor of the second story was finished, complete with stairs to the lower level.

2nd floor install

Then we repeated the steps of the first floor, framing and building the walls.

2nd floor walls-min

Then came the truss delivery…

Truss delivery 2-min

…So many trusses!

Roof Truss Delivery

But with friends to help, we are having a great time!  It was fun to have Julia pop by with her family. Julia was our first Eckerson Construction Bookkeeper. Her assistance was vital in keeping us on a budget with our first project on this property- the duplex we're currently living in. I can't believe that was 16 years ago! Time sure flies when you're having fun, right Julia?


Posted on December 21, 2015 at 4:44 pm
Karen Eckerson | Category: Custom Home Project

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